Hi there peeps!

Eurocraft is bankrupt! 
Edit: As of 30/05/2014 we are no longer bankrupt hurraaaay! 

Okay okay... It's not all that serious. And then again it is, if you enjoy playing on the server.
As we have very few players these days, atleast compared to the past, we get less donations, which is understandable. Up untill today I've paid the server with the money I've saved up from past donations, but unfortunally we've run out of funds!

My main point is that today I've paid more than 60 euros out of my own pocket, to keep the server afloat another month, but that's not something I'm going to do again next month. If I had the money I would, but that's not the case.
This is why I ask of you to contribute if you can and feel like doing so. 
We're basically 85 euros short next month.
If we do NOT reach 85 euros within next month I will repay everyone that donated from today back in full!

So if you'd like to see the server online for atleast another month, make a donation or purchase a rank.
I've set up a donation-box to the right for those of you that (hopefully) wish to contribute without getting any additional perks. For those of you that do this I am willing to listen if you'd like to see a plugin added to the server or something along those lines instead, however I can't promise anything of course. 
If you wish to purchase a rank, you may do so through our Donation Shop. 

But why 85 euros a month? That sounds super expensive, I think you're just tring to rip us off!
I can understand why some of you would feel this way. First of all, here's a picture of this months bill; http://i.imgur.com/TsHzsiZ.png doesn't really prove a lot, but meh, there it is.
And YES 85 euros a month IS expensive and YES you could do it A LOT cheaper BUT: This way we have our own dedicated machine and that way we can ensure maximum uptime and reliability. (I know we've been offline quite a bit lately but honestly that's been my fault for not being alert). We also have all the resources to ourselves to ensure a lag free server where people can build anything they like, explore as much of the map as they'd like and we can install any plugin we'd like. Basically we can do whatever the hell we please software-wise. If we'd gone with a simple shared hosting solution we'd have a lot of restrictions forced down upon us. And a lot more downtime due to imcompetent people and the fact you'd share the hardware with atleast 20 other people...
That's just a few of the main points regarding why we're paying a "stunning" 85 euros a month (which is actually really cheap considering what we're getting). 

I guess that's about it!
Personally I hope to see EuroCraft continue, but time will tell! :)


lunarfart1 Back from holiday but computer is in for repair so should be on in a fee days unless its been wiped:D
GainesGirl How are you guys??
RARB55 i wish i could donate to but i have no money and my parents won't let me donate